Shishir Gairhe

Shishir Gairhe boasts a rich 18-year background that dives deep into academia, Civil engineering, Engineering Management, and Insurance Surveying. His mark is evident in leading Design and Construction firms and his respected education across Nepal, Bangladesh, and India. Shishir’s expertise stretches from managing minor insurance claims to overseeing colossal hydropower projects.

In his current role at Himalayan Reinsurance, Shishir’s work isn’t just limited to insured risk. He’s representing a broader, future-focused vision for the company. Right now, his core strength remains in the meticulous assessment of insured risks, ensuring a balanced approach that caters to both company assets and customer commitments. But he’s setting his sights higher: Shishir is in the midst of transitioning to a Chief Risk Officer role, intending to envelop all potential risks under his reach. This transformation means harmonizing his specialized insured risk know-how with a comprehensive risk management perspective.

But his aspirations don’t stop within national borders. Shishir is aiming for global horizons, seeking to bolster international ties and confidently steer through diverse global risks. More than just adhering to the norms, he’s on a mission to set pioneering standards in the industry. In short, Shishir is moving from a specialized role in Risk Assessment to leading the whole risk management area, making him a standout figure in Nepal’s Reinsurance field.

Date of Appointment: August 27, 2023 (2080-05-10)
Contact Number: +977 98010 50131
Mail ID: [email protected]